Story 1 day:1

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Story 1 day:1

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:16 pm

Gm [you wake up to weird noises then you suddenly wake up surrounded by 2 logana on each person what are you going to do?]
Logana stats:
Attacks: acid spit, scratch

Gm info(If player faints make 1 or 2 people carrie him he wakes up in 2 hours or short rest
If all survive there are 2 routs.the first 1 gose to a lake the second to a Forrest.make players choose)

Lake:[you come by and see a water snake jump out to the 2nd player in formation he takes 2 damage from his health after the battle they all get knocked out by a plur]roll a d20 on the snake part
Water snake stats:
Attacks:bite,water fang

Forrest: there traveling untill they see a cabin in the middle of 2 trees when they enter a snake bites the 3rd person in formation taking 4 health then the snake runs away you take a shirt rest here] roll a d20


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